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Everyone want to have a well trained and behaved dog. If you go to the dog show to watch the obedience competition you have to know, that it was a hard work to train dog like that.

To start you should join a dog training club in your area. You can meet other people with the same problems, your dog can socialise and experienced dog trainer will help you to resolve the behavioral problems.

You can also try to teach you dog basic obedience yourself.  I have selected these videos, as I believe that they easily explain how to do that step by step.

How to teach a dog the Sit & Down command (basic)

How to teach a dog the Stay command (basic)

How to teach a dog the Sit Pretty command (cute excuse to give your dog a treat)

How to teach a dog the Play Dead command (winner on most dog shows in “Best trick” category)

How to teach a dog the Drop It command (very useful, especially with letters, lingerie or your beloved hamster)

How to teach a dog the Not To Pull (very useful)

How to teach a dog the Shy or Cover Your Eyes command

How to teach a dog the Limp command

How to teach a dog the Reverse Through command

How to teach your dog to Fetch Drinks from the fridge

How to teach your dog the Close The Door command

It’s Me or The Dog – Full Series of Episodes – Victoria Stillwell

If you live in Dorset and have a gundog, you may be interested in these 2 clubs. I have been attending them both and trained my dog to a high level of obedience. I was doing that for fun and to keep my dog’s mind occupied – he absolutely loved it! You do not need to go shooting and have a working dog to attend these clubs – it’s for pets too!

Gundog training classes at Christchurch & District Gundog Club – West Parley opposite Golden Acres nursery  – Every other Sunday. There are 2 groups: retrievers (Labradors, Flat Coated Retrievers etc.) and spaniels. These are divided to 3 groups: puppy, beginners and advanced.

There is also another gundog club – Purbeck & District Gundog Club, which also train on Sundays (luckily other Sundays than the club above, so you can join both clubs).  It’s divided similarly as the above one.

I think joining the classes is not very expensive and definitely worth it. You will improve your dog’s obedience and accelerate his hunting skills. You will also meet plenty of interesting people who share the same passion as you.

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