Alabama Rot Disease in New Forest

Many of you is probably aware of the mysterious disease killing dogs across the UK. It’s been at least 16 cases so far plus the recent one of flat-coated retriever in Christchurch!

alabama rot

Huffington Post says :”Posters are being placed in the New Forest, Hampshire, after nine cases in the area with another seven dogs being affected in other parts of the country including Cornwall, Surrey, Worcestershire and County Durham.

The symptoms suffered by the dogs are lesions on the lower legs followed by kidney failure between two and seven days later.

Vet David Walker said that the deaths have similarities to a disease called Alabama rot which was first reported in the United States in the 1980s.

He said the cause of this was toxins from the E. coli bacteria but this had not yet been traced in the UK.”

Express commented:

“The Forestry Commission warned owners if they notice lesions on their pets’ legs, paws or face to take them to the vet immediately.

The signs went on to warn: “Affected dogs will later develop signs of severe depression, loss of appetite and vomiting, quickly accompanied by acute injury to the kidneys.”

Vet, David Walker, from Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists in Hursley, near Winchester told the BBC: “What I would say is that if you see a skin wound on your dog then don’t just leave it.

“Ordinarily you might say I’ll leave that for 24, 48 hours – I would say don’t do that, get down to your local vet.”

He added that there was no specific treatment but that if owners acted quickly pets were more likely to recover.”

New Forest Dog Owners Group, worried about the mystery dog deaths from kidney failure, has decided to set up a fund and collect donations to help facilitate further investigations into this disease. If you would like to donate it can be don through the website via Paypal. Thank you in advance!

If you are vet, pet shop owner, groomer, kennel owner, dog sitter or dog trainer please also print this poster and place it in your venue. Thank you!


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