Seven Cardinal Sins in Dog Training

1. In-patience – Dog is not a Robot! Give it some time! How many times you had to repeat some foreigner words to understand, interprate and action them? And this is just a dog! Dogs also cannot focus for a long time, especially puppies, so make the sessions short and fun.

2. Wrath – NEVER lose control! If you feel, that you are on the edge, ask your dog to do some simple exercise and finish lesson positively. Come back to the training when you come down.

3. Inconsistency – If you allow your dog to sleep on the sofa, you accept that he will sleep there also dirty and wet after walk. Black is black – white is white for dog – I can sleep there or not – co conditions!!!

4. Sloth – Lack of repetitions is a silent killer. If you teach him to give a paw, practice a few minutes few times a day and don’t stop, till he learns. If you leave it, you may have to start from the scratch. You should say the command only once – if you say “sit sit sit” the command become “sit sit sit” – place you dog in position if he doesn’t do it after the 1st command

springer spaniels jumping in the water

happy dogs

5. Ignorance – Praise your dog not only for doing what asked for, but also for being a good boy. If you praise him for playing with his toys you are showing him your approval. If you shout on him for playing with your slippers you showing only disapproval, not showing what is a desired behaviour. Praise your dog for being good and be generous.

6. Out of Time – Dog caught “red handed” is the only time he can be told off.  And showing him your destroyed shoes will not help – he will only be afraid of your anger, not knowing why. Imagine you are in foreigner country’s library and checking out a few books. When you finished the librarian is coming and shouting on you in foreigner language. Would you know which of the books was the forbidden one?

7. Boredom – If your approach is boring why the dog should focus? Be excitable, fun, childish even – have fun talking with high voice and laugh a lot, as dogs love it.

bored springer spaniel

Very bored Spinger Spaniel

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