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I have tried many toys with my dog since he was 8 weeks old. He had all balls, squeaky toys, Kongs, plush toys, tug war toys, chewy toys and throw toys you can imagine. While he grown I have found out that ball on the string, regular tennis balls, canvas dummies, plush toys with many legs or hands are his favorite. As he loves to play FIND IT, I thought that some intellectual games where he needs to use his nose and brain would satisfy his instincts I have presented to him his new shiny toy – Dog Worker, straight from Nina Ottosson’s shop.

Dog Worker - Nina Ottosson

Dog Worker – Nina Ottosson

This game came can be played at a few levels of difficulty, which was the main factor, while I have chosen it (in case my dog would appear to NOT BE THE EINSTEIN). We have started from the easiest, where he just have to pick up the  block and eat the treat underneath. He made it (especially the 2nd part) very quickly, so I thought that we can move on to something harder. I have hidden the treat under the sliding block, and moved  it, so he needed to slide it with his nose to the center of the game in order to pick it up. I just needed to be sure, that the circle in the center with the hole is facing the block. He has tried to pick it up, like the previous one (because of the shape of the sliding blocks it is impossible) but after a few tries he used his nose to push it, and he made it! I was such a proud mum! Sometimes he forgets that he can slide it and is trying to use his paws, but besides that he is my little genius:) The other thing he is doing (most of the time at least), is moving around the inner circle with his nose in order to get the treats hidden under it. He sometimes is trying to use his paws with good results, but it is not how he should use it, so I am trying to stop him at this moment.  The most advanced part is still to go – moving the inner circle in the right position, so he could slide the block in to the hole. But we are working on it:) You can also unscrew the inner circle and let your dog slide the blocks freely into the centre.

I think this game is genius – is challenging, is occupying, is fun and you can add some variations, like hiding treats under only a few blocks and let your dog’s nose work.

Strongly recommended if you want to mentally stimulate your dog and not get bored.


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