Dog Control Order Proposals in Bournemouth

Bournemouth Borough Council is proposing to introduce the following dog control orders:

1. Cleaning up dog faeces;
2. Keeping dogs on a lead in specified areas at all times;
3. Prohibition of dogs from specified areas at all times; and
4. Putting and keeping dogs on a lead when directed to do so by an authorised officer.

The Council has been in contact with the Kennel Club, and is keen for local dog walkers to be involved in the consultation process, which ceases on 31st March. Although welcoming the Council’s inclusive approach towards dog owners, the Kennel Club remains concerned that a number of the proposals could be unnecessarily draconian. For instance, the schedule includes plans to prohibit dogs from all of Bournemouth’s ponds and lakes.

Commenting on the proposals, Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Communications Director said: “Dog control orders are becoming more common as councils attempt to find ways to control dog fouling and rein in irresponsible dog owners. Unfortunately this often means responsible dog owners are also penalised and have to suffer restrictions.

“Whilst the Kennel Club does not oppose the use of dog control orders in certain situations – such as the exclusion of dogs from children’s play areas – we believe that proactive methods should always be favoured over restrictions, and that limits upon dog walking should never be disproportionate to the problems faced.

“Frequently, public consultations come and go without the majority of the public knowing about them or having a chance to have their say. We are therefore encouraged that Bournemouth Borough Council has been proactive in seeking our advice on this matter, and hope that attempts to engage with local dog walkers will result in the fairest outcome for all.”

A full list of proposals for the Bournemouth dog control orders can be viewed via the Council website.
Representations should be submitted to the Parks Team, either by telephone on 01202 451673 or by email to

The consultation findings will be presented to the Council’s Cabinet in April and, if approved, the dog control orders will come into effect from 17 May 2011.

Find out more about the Kennel Club’s free-to-join KC Dog campaign. Members can benefit from news and information on dog control orders across the UK.

Notice of Intention to make a Dog Control Order (Word document)

New Dog Control Proposal (Word document)

FAQ (Word document)

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