Alabama Rot Disease in New Forest

Many of you is probably aware of the mysterious disease killing dogs across the UK. It’s been at least 16 cases so far plus the recent one of flat-coated retriever in Christchurch!

alabama rot

Huffington Post says :”Posters are being placed in the New Forest, Hampshire, after nine cases in the area with another seven dogs being affected in other parts of the country including Cornwall, Surrey, Worcestershire and County Durham.

The symptoms suffered by the dogs are lesions on the lower legs followed by kidney failure between two and seven days later.

Vet David Walker said that the deaths have similarities to a disease called Alabama rot which was first reported in the United States in the 1980s.

He said the cause of this was toxins from the E. coli bacteria but this had not yet been traced in the UK.”

Express commented:

“The Forestry Commission warned owners if they notice lesions on their pets’ legs, paws or face to take them to the vet immediately.

The signs went on to warn: “Affected dogs will later develop signs of severe depression, loss of appetite and vomiting, quickly accompanied by acute injury to the kidneys.”

Vet, David Walker, from Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists in Hursley, near Winchester told the BBC: “What I would say is that if you see a skin wound on your dog then don’t just leave it.

“Ordinarily you might say I’ll leave that for 24, 48 hours – I would say don’t do that, get down to your local vet.”

He added that there was no specific treatment but that if owners acted quickly pets were more likely to recover.”

New Forest Dog Owners Group, worried about the mystery dog deaths from kidney failure, has decided to set up a fund and collect donations to help facilitate further investigations into this disease. If you would like to donate it can be don through the website via Paypal. Thank you in advance!

If you are vet, pet shop owner, groomer, kennel owner, dog sitter or dog trainer please also print this poster and place it in your venue. Thank you!

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2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 31,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 7 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

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Search & Rescue Dog Training Course in Bournemouth area

For those interested in doing something unusual with their dog there is an interesting initiative by Dorset Search Dogs – a voluntary organisation that was set up with the purpose of assisting the police and other statutory bodies in the search for missing persons. They are organising 6 weeks courses (2 hours per week) where you and your dog will learn the basics of search for missing person.

I have attended both beginners and intermediate courses and found it absolutely fantastic. The Dorset Search Dogs crew with Matt Cooke as chairman is very competent, friendly and has a deep knowledge of training dogs for search purposes.

At the Beginners course you will teach your dog to use an air scent to locate a person who is hiding after seen run out. At the end of the that course your dog should be able to wait about 2 minutes after the person has left and then search the approximate area where the person is hiding. It is very important to check the direction of the wind to make it easier for dog to air scent by sending him in the right direction. It is very a exciting and happy event when your dog finds the person and receives his toy to play as a reward.

At the Intermediate course you will teach your dog to search for about 20 minutes for person or people who is/are already hidden. When your dog found the person it should come back to you and indicate, ideally by bark, that it found and lead you to that person. The person can be hidden “with” or “against” the wind, so you need to ensure you are sending your dog in the right direction. It sounds like a lot, but believe me, it can be done.

It is necessary to have an exclusive toy used only for S&R training & a good head torch. The trainings are placed in different venues each week, so having a car in necessary. You need to ensure that you are happy to leave your dog alone in the car for about 30 minutes (or take a member of a family or friend to stay with it if necessary), as each dog is trained independently and everyone is involved in hiding. You also need to have a basic obedience as the trainings are often in a wooden, not enclosed area and the control over your dog is essential. Your dog cannot be aggressive to other people (and ideally dogs). All breeds are welcome, but the working and pastoral types are the most common. Having a harness would be beneficial (ideally high visibility with a light or even a bells), as it will indicate to the dog that “it’s a search time”.

Each class last about 2 hours (up to even 4 in Intermediate classes!) and the course cost only £80, so it is a great value for money and knowing that all money goes to support the team in their training and searches makes it all worth it.

Visit Dorset Search Dogs for more information about the search and rescue dog training courses in Dorset.

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12 Months Old Border Collie Free to Good Home

Luckly Snoopy has been already rehomed.

Thank you for your enquiries.

Visit Waggy Tails if you are looking for a furry friend.


“Good afternoon.

I am looking for help in re-homing my 12 month old border collie. He is a great dog with a super temperament with  adults, children and other dogs and it really upsets me that due to unforeseen circumstances, I have to seek somebody who will provide a caring home for him. I am not looking for a fee, just the comfort that he is with somebody who will do him justice. He is a typical BC – loves to be busy outdoors and he is exercised mornings and evenings between 2.5 and 3 hours daily, so he is fit and healthy. He is still a little rough round the edges regarding training, still a little skittish around traffic, especially motorcycles. Ideally his new home is that of previous BC (or similar) owner ideally having company throughout the whole day.

PS. This ad had been posted here courtesy of the blog owner.







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Activities you can do with your dog

1. Cani-cross (CaniX) – running with your dog attached to you

a) what needed

– dog, running belt, harness, bungee lead



b) who can do it

– dogs of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels

c) contact CaniX UK

2. Rally Obedience – combination of traditional obedience exercises and agility type numbered courses with stations with a few levels of difficulty

a) what needed

– dog, stations

Rally Obedience

Rally Obedience

b) who can do it

– dogs of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels – dog needs to know basic obedience before starting rally

c) contact Talking Dogs Rally

3. Gundog Training

4. Dash ‘n’ Splash – it measures the length of the jump into the water after the toy or ball is thrown for dog

a) what needed

– dog, water, toy



b) who can do it

– dogs of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels – dog needs to know recall command

c) contact Dash’n’Splash

5. Dog Scootering – 1 or 2 dogs pull someone on the scooter

a) what needed

– dog, harness, scooter



b) who can do it

– dogs of all shapes & sizes, fit and healthy – dog needs to know left, right and stop commands

c) contact Dog Scootering, Dogucation or Pawtrekker

6. Dog Trekking – hiking with your dog on set routes

a) what needed

– dog, harness, belt

b) who can do it

– dogs of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels


7. Agility

8. Flyball

9. Obedience

10. Working Trials

11. Sledding

12. Heelwork to Music

13. Freestyle

14. Tracking

15. Scent and Search Work

16. Treibball

17. Dryland rig driving

18. Bikejoring

19. Skijoring

20. Pulka

21. Carting

22. Flying Disc

23. Bloodhound Trials

24. Herding

25. Flygility

26. Schutzhund

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Dorset animal rescue centre launch appeal to rehome dogs

AN appeal has been launched to raise £400,000 for a Dorset animal rescue centre devoted to finding new homes for dogs on “death row”.

When their days are literally numbered, Waggy Tails provides sanctuary for unloved pets after they end up in council pounds across the country.

Charity chairman Shelagh Meredith said: “Dogs are kept in pounds for seven days; sadly most are then put to sleep.

“Figures aren’t published but there are probably more than 100,000 dogs put to sleep across the UK every year. We never, ever put down a healthy animal.”

Waggy Tails finds new homes for up to 300 dogs a year. After purchasing new premises, between Bournemouth and Poole, the charity now plans to transform a detached home into a ‘safe house’ where dogs can be cared for and assessed before being fostered and re-homed.

Dogs live in their own heated cabin at Helen’s House with staff on call round the clock to ensure the animals’ welfare.

Shelagh, a former restaurant owner who now lives in West Moors, said: “We receive five or six calls a day to re-home dogs; local animals are treated as a priority but we also take in dogs from pounds across the country.

“We also step in when their owner can no longer look after them; perhaps they have had to go into hospital or a relationship has broken down and the dog ends up homeless. There are so many scenarios when we have to come to the rescue.”

Shelagh, who has been finding dogs new homes for 17 years, added: “There is always a need for more volunteers to help out with fostering, home checks, grooming, dog walking and DIY.”

The charity relies entirely on donations, legacies and sales at its shops in West Moors and Parkstone.

l To find out more about the charity or become a Friend of Waggy Tails Rescue phone 01202 875000.


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Seven Cardinal Sins in Dog Training

1. In-patience – Dog is not a Robot! Give it some time! How many times you had to repeat some foreigner words to understand, interprate and action them? And this is just a dog! Dogs also cannot focus for a long time, especially puppies, so make the sessions short and fun.

2. Wrath – NEVER lose control! If you feel, that you are on the edge, ask your dog to do some simple exercise and finish lesson positively. Come back to the training when you come down.

3. Inconsistency – If you allow your dog to sleep on the sofa, you accept that he will sleep there also dirty and wet after walk. Black is black – white is white for dog – I can sleep there or not – co conditions!!!

4. Sloth – Lack of repetitions is a silent killer. If you teach him to give a paw, practice a few minutes few times a day and don’t stop, till he learns. If you leave it, you may have to start from the scratch. You should say the command only once – if you say “sit sit sit” the command become “sit sit sit” – place you dog in position if he doesn’t do it after the 1st command

springer spaniels jumping in the water

happy dogs

5. Ignorance – Praise your dog not only for doing what asked for, but also for being a good boy. If you praise him for playing with his toys you are showing him your approval. If you shout on him for playing with your slippers you showing only disapproval, not showing what is a desired behaviour. Praise your dog for being good and be generous.

6. Out of Time – Dog caught “red handed” is the only time he can be told off.  And showing him your destroyed shoes will not help – he will only be afraid of your anger, not knowing why. Imagine you are in foreigner country’s library and checking out a few books. When you finished the librarian is coming and shouting on you in foreigner language. Would you know which of the books was the forbidden one?

7. Boredom – If your approach is boring why the dog should focus? Be excitable, fun, childish even – have fun talking with high voice and laugh a lot, as dogs love it.

bored springer spaniel

Very bored Spinger Spaniel

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Nina Ottosson’s Interactive Toys – DogWorker

I have tried many toys with my dog since he was 8 weeks old. He had all balls, squeaky toys, Kongs, plush toys, tug war toys, chewy toys and throw toys you can imagine. While he grown I have found out that ball on the string, regular tennis balls, canvas dummies, plush toys with many legs or hands are his favorite. As he loves to play FIND IT, I thought that some intellectual games where he needs to use his nose and brain would satisfy his instincts I have presented to him his new shiny toy – Dog Worker, straight from Nina Ottosson’s shop.

Dog Worker - Nina Ottosson

Dog Worker – Nina Ottosson

This game came can be played at a few levels of difficulty, which was the main factor, while I have chosen it (in case my dog would appear to NOT BE THE EINSTEIN). We have started from the easiest, where he just have to pick up the  block and eat the treat underneath. He made it (especially the 2nd part) very quickly, so I thought that we can move on to something harder. I have hidden the treat under the sliding block, and moved  it, so he needed to slide it with his nose to the center of the game in order to pick it up. I just needed to be sure, that the circle in the center with the hole is facing the block. He has tried to pick it up, like the previous one (because of the shape of the sliding blocks it is impossible) but after a few tries he used his nose to push it, and he made it! I was such a proud mum! Sometimes he forgets that he can slide it and is trying to use his paws, but besides that he is my little genius:) The other thing he is doing (most of the time at least), is moving around the inner circle with his nose in order to get the treats hidden under it. He sometimes is trying to use his paws with good results, but it is not how he should use it, so I am trying to stop him at this moment.  The most advanced part is still to go – moving the inner circle in the right position, so he could slide the block in to the hole. But we are working on it:) You can also unscrew the inner circle and let your dog slide the blocks freely into the centre.

I think this game is genius – is challenging, is occupying, is fun and you can add some variations, like hiding treats under only a few blocks and let your dog’s nose work.

Strongly recommended if you want to mentally stimulate your dog and not get bored.

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World’s First Laptop For Dogs from Toshiba – PetBook K9

This is something I have been looking for! Laptop for dogs! Awesome!

It has everything every dog may need:

  • SlobberGuard Technology – classic
  • Built-In Doggy Cam and microphone – essential
  • Bone-Shaped Touchpad – ergonomic shape
  • Slobber Resistant Design – classic
  • Pawprint Reader – for data protection
  • Innovative Ruff Recognition System – New!
  • Vitamine Enriched 100% Digestible Organic Rawhide Enclosure – Classic version 5% digestible on sale now! Grab the bargain!
  • and much more in all sizes and colours

No more slobbery dirty balls, ripped open soft toys and stinky chews!

Find out more about World’s First Laptop For Dogs from Toshiba – PetBook K9

Have fun on April Fools Day;)

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Dog Flyball Training Clubs Dorset Hampshire Wiltshire


  • Courteous Canine



More information can be found on British Flyball Association site

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